Free Amazon WordPress Theme

Want to setup an Amazon Store? You come to the right place :) The best option to setup Amazon store is using WordPress with Free Amazon WordPress Theme.

This theme come with an ecommerce features and using plugin that will attract buyers. This Amazon theme is easy to install and work with WP Robot.

Amazon WordPress Theme has interesting features, important, powerful, and must be owned by every blog that wants to succeed brings many visitors to the Amazon site to conduct transactions with the tails will get a commission from Amazon as well.

Indeed what features that make Amazon WordPress Theme superior to another WordPress Theme? To answer that question then please see your own list of features that make Amazon WordPress Theme superior to others below:

  1. Support WP Robot
  2. AGC from API Bing
  3. Can be used apart from, because it is integrated with,,,
  4. The currency that you can change with ease
  5. AGC Segmented results that you can choose according to Amazon you follow
  6. Include Percent Saving Price +
  7. Page Comment as a review of products that Amazon has been removed, and there read the details on the Amazon site

Click here to download Free Amazon WordPress Theme.

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